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London which is the capital city of England is known for its teaming population. There are a number of offices and businesses as well as factories in the city. As business opportunities are opening in many locations in London and other surrounding cities, many factories are moving in or out the city to a more suitable location. Besides, there are other businesses that are moving factories because they want to extend their business operations outside of Greater London area. No matter the reason why your are moving your machinery, one point that you should always bear in mind is that it is a complicated process.

It is a task that can only be handled by only a few London removals companies. This is because there are a lot of chains of events that come in between. It is only a professional and experienced moving company with the required manpower and equipment that can manage such complex chains of events which include establishment and management of the client partnership, employees safety and health, cost control, consistency of standard, communication protocols, team and equipment selection, training, delivery of technical proficiency and a whole lot of others.

London machinery movers

Heavy machines

Knowing fully well the enormous task connected with London machinery relocation, professional UK machinery movers can handle all aspects from the beginning to the end. No matter where your current factory is located, they can safely and successfully relocate it to any location you want. Most firms do not limit their activities only in London area, offering also UK worldwide shipping services. So, if you are relocating your factory outside of London or to another country, they can handle the project for you. They can also relocate machinery or factory from other locations, even if you are moving from Birmingham to London. You can be sure you will get all the required expertise, experience, manpower and equipment to successfully relocate your machinery and factory.

Factory relocation London


London factory relocation can be very tasking. Heavy machines are used for manufacturing and thus it requires adequate management, it’s advisable to do in in advance, even two months before moving day. Separate planning and management team will plan the entire project and come out with strategies for successful moving of your factory or machinery. They will discuss the strategies with you and explain every detail of the project before commencing work. Professional team of London machinery relocation planners and managers have been given adequate training that will enable them to do a good job. Success of the entire project depends on effective planning and management.

Executing the relocation project

Move it

Once planning team have finished and worked out effective strategy for moving your factory and machinery, the rest team will start work immediately in order to ensure that the entire project is completed on time. Different teams handle various aspects of your project. The members of each team have the required skills and knowledge to handle the various jobs assigned to them.

There is a team of mechanical engineers as well as a team of electrical engineers to handle the mechanical and electrical aspects. Mechanical engineers are capable of disconnecting and dismantling any type of machine and other things like water, gas and air utilities. When they are through with the mechanical aspect, the electrical engineers will handle the electrical aspect of your London factory relocation. All these are to ensure that your machines are not spoilt in the process of relocating it.

Machinery and factory moving services also include installation of machines to a new location. If you move your factory to another location, reliable team can install your machinery for you whether we are the business that relocate it or not. You can hire London machine relocation service separate or as part of our removal services. Whether you hire it separate or not, you can be sure you get safe installation of your machines no matter how big it is.

Machinery packing service

If you are moving factory, it is important that you pack your machinery very well to reduce the space it will occupy and thus the amount you will be paying for its move. Team of factory packers can deliver quality services to you. They are composed of electrical and mechanical engineers who understand the workings of every machine. They will be able to pack each parts as they will be installed. This will reduced unpacking and installation task. They will pay attention to details and thus no single nut or bolt no matter how small it is will be lost during packing task.

London machinery storage

Our coo-workers have a well-equipped Machinery storage facility in Greater London area and other parts in the UK and many countries across the world. So, if you need machinery storage services whether here in London or in your new location, they can offer that to you.

Factory London movers are experts fully acquired all the necessary equipment including lifting machines. With these tools and large manpower, they will be able to deliver quick and efficient factory removal services for you. Most companies are open to negotiation. In case you find our quote too high, let us know and we will see how it can be adjusted if possible.

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