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Moving or relocation is a serious undertaking, whether you are heading just down the road or you are moving to another country. To ensure hassle-free move, you must prepare yourself with the following checklist of items that you must complete two months before moving. Get a file so that you can have all of your paperwork and documents accessible in one place that are related to your relocation, such as receipts and estimates.

Planning Plan early and be prepared for moving
  • Get price quotes from professional removal companies or from the man and van services, and sign up for one.
  • Create a flooring plan of your new location which will help you determine the appliance and furniture placement.
  • Keep an inventory of your items.
  • Remove all the unused, unwanted and cluttered items. Consider donating those goods or have a yard sale.
  • Arrange the transferring of the school records.
  • Coordinate with appropriate contractors to assist you with getting your new home ready, like the roofers, plumbers, carpenters, painters, etc. Fill out the change of Address form for your postal deliveries.
  • Check out the IRS change of address form.
  • If necessary, you should make storage arrangements.
  • Make all your travel arrangements, if needed, with the buses, airlines, car rental services and hotels. Acquire your medical and dental records. Ask physicians for referrals and take necessary prescriptions.
  • A checking account should be set up in your new locality.
  • You must check into the requirements and laws of the new city you are moving to regarding business licenses, professional tests, home-based businesses or any other laws that you think might apply to you.
  • Make arrangements for the transportation of your pets, if any.
  • Take a complete inventory of your belongings before they are boxed, in the event you require to file an insurance claim later on. You can take photos or even make a video of all your items. The serial numbers of all your electronic appliances should also be recorded.
  • Make use of cleaning supplies that cannot be relocated, and dispose of all the items that cannot be moved, for instance, flammable liquids.
  • Discontinue all kinds of utility services at your old place, and have them scheduled to your new locality.
  • Get the packing boxes and check how to start packing your belongings.
  • Collect all the significant documents such as passports, birth certificates, insurance and employment records.
  • If you are moving to any other state, you can transfer your car's registration as well.
  • Have a yard sale-relocation sale.
  • Consume all the food items, so that there is not much to pack and take along.

Make use of this moving checklist as an imperative guidelines for all the tasks so that you can complete them at least two months before moving to the new location.

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