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UK to Germany

In case you are planning removals to Germany from the UK, there are a couple of things you ought to think about before you start packing your stuff. While you can no doubt purchase a considerable measure of things that you may require once you are in Germany, it may likewise be useful to ship some of your belongings to Germany to make your migration easier. In this situation, help of local UK shipping companies will be essential. Via this website you can compare removals services in your area, get free quotes and choose international mover offering best solutions at the most affordable rates.

Living in Germany


With a populace assessed to be 81.8 million and stable economy, Germany has turned into an inevitably pleasing place for individuals intrigued by moving to another nation for job offers. A percentage of the professional expertise most looked for individuals moving to Germany incorporate mechanical and electrical building, IT, and human services.

Germany is frequently portrayed as having dynamic cities and in addition, stunning structural planning and awesome shopping joined together with superb nightlife. In addition, you will also come across the medieval towns, conventional wine towns, amicable celebrations and interesting countryside, which is ideal for strolling. This for the most part implies that whatever your pastime or interest you will surely discover something you like in Germany.

Germany has developed from its past and is rapidly turning into a spot where more individuals wish to move to. There are various reasons for people moving to Germany from the UK, for example, retirement, a finer employment offer or only for a complete change of lifestyle, whatever your purpose behind longing to move to Germany you won't be let down.

Duty Free Shipping to Germany

Shipping belongings

When you are transporting freight to Germany, a lot of times your things meet all requirements for free dispatching to Germany. It is vital to note, for instance, in the event that you are moving to Germany, evacuation products are just allowed duty free passage to Germany if they are imported within one year of your immigration to Germany. Evacuation products are considered things that you already utilized at your previous home.
Other conditions for duty free transportation to Germany that you ought to be mindful of include:

  • You have to have resided abroad for a year or be a citizen of any other country.
  • Your household items and/or vehicles need to be claimed and utilized for at least 6 months prior to their date of transportation to Germany.
  • Your merchandise must stay in your ownership for 12 months after importation.

A few things don't meet all requirements for duty free dispatching to Germany. For instance, you are required to pay duty charges on liquor, including spirits and wine. In case you are sending liquor to Germany, it is fitting to make an itemized list to give to the German custom authorities of the alcoholic drink you need to ship to Germany.

Documents required when moving to Germany

Some of the data you'll need to have before delivering your stuff to Germany is as follows:

  • Duplicate of your passport
  • House belongings stock
  • Leasing contract of a house where you want to live once in Germany
  • Contract of job in Germany
  • German traditions enlistment paperwork

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