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London is one of the cities that home many people from different parts of the world. A lot of people from various part of the world come to the city for a number of reasons on yearly basis. Some of them eventually return home with their properties.

Definitely, every international London removals company claims to be the best in the industry but in reality only a few offer quality services to their clients. Having been in shipping industry for a number of years and having obtained high customer satisfaction reviews and ratings, we feel glad to tell you that we cooperate with the right London international removal service that you need. Whether you are moving house, commercial goods, offices, moving machinery or relocating your employees, we can help you with finding right option for you. You can easily find tens of positive feedbacks left by previous clients who continue to use our service and refer others to us. A good percentage of the international removals jobs are either from referrals or customers that come back. They keep coming to reliable London shipping companies because they are satisfied with the quality of services offered. We are optimistic and can confidently tell you that you will be satisfied and have a smooth shipping experience if you hire one of London European removal services listed on our website.

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Besides customer satisfaction, we have set the standards in other aspects of the services we offer. First, we know that international moving needs of London clients are not the same, this is why we cooperate with firms offering wide range of international removal London services. If you have a specific need, do not hesitate to discuss it with us. We will take time to look into your need and work out effective shipping strategy that will suit your need. No matter if you moving to Canada or planning removals to Germany, our experienced London international removal teams offer different means of shipping items. You can move your items via ship, airfreight or road with trucks. It is your situation as well as your final location that determines the best international moving option for you. Whatever option you prefer, you will get it at cheap rates.

Most businesses that offer international or London European moving services outsource their services to other companies but here you can get in touch with ones that do not outsource any of the services. With large workforce, resources and equipment London shipping companies can easily handle all the services you require. So, if you hire international removal services in London, you will be sure that your service is handled with the best care by registered and licensed London international moving company registered with a number of international moving bodies and organizations like BAR. Getting certification and membership from these bodies is not always easy. They have strict requirements which have to be met before a company is certified or registered. This is why only a few shipping companies in London are members of these bodies. This is a clear indication that they offer reliable and quality overseas shipping services. Besides, you will have a body to complain to if anything goes wrong. But, we are confident that nothing will go wrong.

Air freight Air shipping

If safety of your item is important to you, then you should hire only professional services that take the safety of items seriously. If you hand over your items to third party, you should have peace of mind that your valuables are in safe hands when moving overseas or in if moving to Europe from London. To ensure safe delivery of your items, there are always used right packing materials and well-padded boxes in packing your items. Of course accidents can occur and even beat the most skilful driver or captain or pilot, this is why you should consider options with comprehensive insurance. Should anything go wrong, the insurance company will pay for all the loss or damages on your property.

London shipping costs

Container Shipping in container

Generally, London shipping rates, you will get from firms listed on our website, are highly affordable when compare with the charges of other competitors. However, it is the amount of items as well as the means of shipping you opt for that will determine the cost of the service. Sometimes shipping firms offer discounts to clients that hire dedicated services which include packing, collection, moving and delivery service. If you hire international removals listed here your will not regret it.

By comparing London shipping costs you can be sure you will get affordable rates. You will get instant London shipping quotes from us. There is no hidden charge in our service. Everything you are charged for will be stipulated in shipping company quote. So, if you receive a quotation you can make your budget with it. Nobody will ask you to make any additional payment or to pay for any other thing not stipulated in our quote. The above are some of the reasons why you should always compare both overseas shipping firms or London European removal services.

As it is mentioned above we offer wide range of services customized to suit the need of clients. Below are some of the services we offer.

Part load shipping

This is suitable for people that have small quantity of item to ship from London to any part of the World. It is our desire that our clients cut shipping expenses as much as it is possible. This is why international movers offer part load services also known as shared container shipping. In this service, one container is used to move items of various clients heading for one location. Everyone is charged according to the volume or weight of item they are shipping from London. In this way, they will not be over paying or paying for empty space.

Full 20ft and 40ft container shipping

Full 20ft and 40ft container shipping are for clients that have large quantity of item to be shipped. If your items is much that it can fill up the entire container whether 20 or 40 feet container, you will need our full container service. Though, you will have to pay more than a person that hires part load services, full container service is faster. There is no probability of misplacement of items since the entire container is filled up with your items alone.

Additional services offered by shipping companies include, but not limited to the following:

  • collection services,
  • door-to-door delivery services,
  • storage services,
  • cleaning services,
  • packing and unpacking services,
  • sstorage services,
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